Why Sellmer Clinic

  • We have no waiting
  • Time, care and guidance - before, during and after insemination
  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • Open 365 days a year
  • Follicle scan
  • Exclusive treatment on the woman’s Grounds
  • We strive to you not encounter with more than 3 different people during your treatment
  • You can choose a donor from Sellmer Diers Sperm Bank, where there is a world-wide maximum for the numbers of pregnancies.
  • You can choose between No ID-release donor, possible ID-release donor and ID-release donor, the last two categories are with "extended profile" 
  • You can use your own donor / friend for the treatment 
  • Location - easily accessible, convenient parking and close to train, bus, subway and airport.

Team Sellmer Clinic

Anette Sellmer


Nina Emeis


Christel Raagaard