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Sellmer Clinic is a fertility clinic that inseminate single women, lesbian or heterosexual relationships. We want to create a respectful and caring treatment for donor insemination. Welcome to the expertise and confidence in Sellmer Clinic.


Sellmer Clinic has a unique location. We are located in the heart of Ørestaden which is easily accessible whether you arrive by car, by subway, train, bus or plane...

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Preliminary interview

The initial interview is a personal conversation that takes place in  quiet and comfortable surroundings where we together go through the insemination process...

Preliminary interview


The actual Ultra scan and insemination takes place in cooperation with Sellmer Clinic. It is very important to us that you feel comfortable and relaxed...

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High quality – your guarantee

For us, quality is important because we are dealing with what should be the next generation, your wished for child. Our goal, to maximize the chances of you and your desire to become a mother is continuous education, continuous research and development to simplify the treatment, so that we are always abreast of the latest techniques and knowledge.

The Danish Medicine Agency has approved and certified Sellmer Clinic. This ensures that your treatment with us, meet the current law in this area and the clinic and the quality of our work is constantly monitored by the Danish authorities according to the EU Tissue Directives.